Job Posting


Position: Farmland Protector: Marketing and Finance Research Assistant
Type: 4 month contract / paid internship
Organization: Langford Conservancy
Location: Brantford, near Hamilton, Ontario


The Langford Conservancy is a land trust that has preserved a heritage schoolhouse. We are seeking an enthusiastic university graduate 30 years or younger to work with us to research and develop a financial and marketing plan for

1) easing threats to farmland in southern Ontario, particularly in Brant County (including "leap-frog" development outside of the Ontario Greenbelt, and the purchase of farmland by corporations, pension funds and landbankers with offshore investors for development purposes),

2) promoting best practices for protecting farmland by:

a) improving government policies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to protect farmland (e.g. strict conflict of interest rules, provincial policy to expand the Greenbelt to include Brant County, the creation of a Grand River Watershed Greenbelt, and provincial and federal policies to restrict the purchase of farmland by corporations, pension funds and off-shore investors). 

b) providing tools for protecting farmland such as land trusts, conservation agreements (and eco-gifts),

c) expanding tools for financing the protection of farmland  including government funding to land trusts to help place conservation easements on the farms of interested owners, purchase by a land trust (with the help of community bonds) and farmer cooperatives, 

4)  enabling new small-scale organic farmers long term access to protected land , including   life-time leases, long-term renewable leases on protected farmland, ground leases and farmer                co-operatives.

The position entails a) research within the rural community, particularly Brant County, b) marketing and financial planning assistance for our community bond launch c) textual analysis of municipal council meetings and policy documents, c) archival research, d) land title research and GIS mapping, and e) the dissemination of research findings at community forums, academic forums and through publications (blogs, journal article, policy papers, book chapter). 

The Langford Conservancy is preparing a “community bond” package to fund the purchase of a farm for new organic farmers. Community bonds are a way to invest ethically and locally. We'll mentor you as we work as a team to prepare and market our community bond package.


This position is funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Green Interns Programme. To qualify, you must:

  • be 30 years old or younger at the start of the project,
  • have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution,
  • not have participated in any other Youth Employment Strategy programmes,
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident,
  • and demonstrate the following skills (cooperation with others, good research and editing skills, familiarity with or keen interest in learning about the use of alternative financial tools to protect green space (land trusts, cooperatives, community bonds), effective oral and written communication skills, strong ability to work with numbers, keen ability to generate new ideas, and passion for protecting farmland and green spaces). 

Assets: history of publishing, or applying for grants, training in business plans and debt finance, marketing skills, GIS training

Job requires driving to Hearts Content Organic Farm to work (between Brantford and Hamilton). Accommodation may be available at the farm. 

Pay Rate: Negotiable depending upon experience.

Term: 4 months