Job: Local Organic Farming & Farmland Protection Champion

Position: Organic Farming and Farmland Protection Champion
Terms: $17.50/hr, flexible hours, 8 months / optional on-site housing at minimal cost

Location: Brantford, Ontario (accommodation provided at minimal cost)

The Langford Conservancy works with Sustainable Brant and Hearts Content Organic Farm to protect farmland and support organic farming.

Must have graduated from a community college or university (in any discipline), be 30 years or younger, not in receipt of EI, and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada. Supportive of organic farming and farmland protection philosophy.

The position involves:

  1. organic farming, and the preparation of value-added foods and herbal remedies,
  2. helping with planning, promoting and running community workshops and events related to organic farming, value-added food preparation, agri-tourism, medicinal and edible plants, creating an inclusive organic farming community and farmland protection,
  3. helping with book-keeping and fundraising to support the protection of farmland, and
  4. research and writing on the above topics.





  • Willing to learn organic farming techniques and philosophy
  • Social media skills (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Eagerness to learn


  • Good interpersonal skills, shows initiative and is organized, able to work as a team-player and independently; some experience with grant writing and book-keeping.

Salary - $17.50/hr, flexible hours, 8 months.

Housing: Accommodation provided at minimal cost.

Starting Date: Flexible, Deadline for applications Monday, July 17

Contact: rtunstall54 mask or call 519-647-0307. 
Please send resume and 2 work related references.

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