Creating a Farm


The Langford Conservancy is raising funds to buy a farm for small organic farmers.

The land trust would hold the land and provide long-term leases to small farmers. We are following the model of Equity Trust and the "Tools for Preserving Affordable Working Farms" from Land for Good. Our goal is to support a growing community of organic farmers on protected land. To learn more about these tools, watch these two short videos.

We will be launching a campaign to sell community bonds to raise funds to buy a farm, with a fundraising goal of $500,000. Our campaign will follow the very successful model of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI).  To read more about this fund raising model, please check out their book for details.

Please let us know if you'd like to be involved or if you'd like to invest. Investors will be given a chance to invest and receive interest on their investment, based on the CSI model.

Contact, 519-647-0307