About Us


Celebrating our cultural heritage

Protecting local farmland and ecosystems

Revitalizing farming communities in Brant County

Who we are

We are a small, not-for-profit land trust operating in Brant County, Ontario that protects and celebrates the local farmland and ecosystems.

We believe in….

Supporting small-scale organic farmers.

Encouraging diversity in the farming community.

Promoting our rural community through eco-cultural tourism and education.

Researching creative ways to revitalize our farming community.

What we do

We operate the Langford Schoolhouse as a community hub. We have certified kitchen and run food and farming programming. The Schoolhouse hosts an annual SOS Fest and multiple community events like film nights, lectures, and musical gatherings.

We partner with cultural tourism businesses to promote eco-cultural cycling and canoe tours.

We research best practices for protecting farmland and ways to integrate elders with youth in farming related workshops and events.

We are preparing to purchase a farm to for new, small-scale, organic farmers to have secure, affordable access to protected farmland.

We provide suppers for migrant farm workers to help them feel a part of our community.